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At New Honor Society we are committed to continuously working to create an inclusive environment for our people: employees, client and partners. Regardless of your social identity, when you join the Society, you belong to the Society. 

01 aaaaa All Kinds All Minds

We have the power to change perception and shift culture, but we can’t do that successfully unless our members are reflective of the audiences we serve. It’s in the best interest of our agency culture, our work, and our clients’ business to have a diverse team in every department, at every level. And when we say diverse, we also mean inclusive, equitable, and intersectional. People of all backgrounds, perspectives, abilities, ages, sizes, races, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, classes, religions, and beliefs are welcome, and frankly, required. 

02 aaaaa Ingenuity

Resourcefulness is key if we want to continue to punch above our weight. We have to figure shit out, even when we don’t have everything we need at arm’s reach. If the instructions don’t work, try something else. If the process is getting in the way, work around it. If the brief isn’t getting you there, rethink it. And if you see a better way, speak up. Remember: Your ideas have value. We wouldn’t have hired you otherwise, so we want you to think for yourself. 

03 aaaaa Hustle

The best, most brilliant ideas aren’t worth anything if they never make it past the whiteboard. It’s your responsibility (and everyone else’s) to not only toss ideas around, but to actually make them happen. So don’t wait. Don’t wait until your workload slows down. Don’t wait until someone gives you permission. Don’t wait until you’ve got a “complete” team or until the conditions for liftoff are just right. And whatever you do, don’t sit on an idea thinking a better one might be around the corner. Waiting accomplishes nothing. Only doing gets things done. 

04 aaaaa Curiosity

The minute we stop being curious, we become complacent. And complacency is the death of creativity. We must constantly ask, “What if?” and “What’s next?” in order to stay sharp. Each of us should be reading, watching, wondering, questioning, absorbing, growing, and learning — about consumer behavior, creativity, our industry, emerging platforms, tech innovations, and cultural dynamics. By staying curious we’ll stay one step ahead. 

05 aaaaa Radical Empathy

Together, we celebrate the highs and curse the lows. We swap stories at lunch and create new ones at happy hour. We don’t always agree with each other, but we always care about each other. We’re a family, but one we actually get to choose. And it only works if everyone works with humility, respect, and self-awareness. It’s not enough to tolerate each other, we must actively seek to understand each other — our commonalities and our differences. It’s the only way to create a true sense of belonging for everyone. 

In the Studio with Dr. Ashley Storman.

in action

Hear from Dr. Ashley Storman, New Honor Society’s Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Recruitment as she discusses the importance of making DE&I part of the fabric of agency culture. 
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