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 New Medium-Duty Launch Campaign


How can Peterbilt launch a new medium-duty truck lineup of four models, each described by a complex litany of sales points—all arrayed under a simple, cogent message? (Oh, and the launch is happening in less than 30 days.)


Owner-operators depend on medium-duty trucks to be their toolkit, office and source of income. They can’t afford for their truck to quit on them.  


We told a story of human grit & hustle—and a truck that can keep up. Our campaign, Bilt to Bring It, was Peterbilt’s first use of people in a launch in over 10 years. The pillars of Bilt to Bring It were a print ad, an anthem video and a digital Flipsnack brochure, an approach that combined timeless brand storytelling with a nonlinear marketing experience.  


100% aaaaa of 2021 inventory sold out
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