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Making the Biggest Global Event of the Year Feel Bigger (Digitally)

A person holding a sign that reads "Create Bravely".
A graphic that reads "E2 Education Exchange".


After over a year of virtual events, how do we make Microsoft EDU’s biggest event of the year feel fresh,  exciting and inspiring from the confines of a computer screen?


Due to their unique resilience, dedication and hope for the future, educators are still hungry for opportunities to connect and celebrate one another, while advancing their edtech skillsets and incorporating themes like social-emotional learning into their curriculums.



Previously an invite-only event, E2 was now open to thousands of educations from all over the world for the first time. To drive viewership and engagement, New Honor Society produced a remote three-day event complete with a special pre-event digital challenge all around the theme of Changemakers in education. The event included a digital swag kit, inspirational keynotes, guest speakers, 30 professional development breakout sessions, and a red carpet-inspired awards ceremony.



The 2021 E2 event outperformed every social KPI vs YAG:

   598% aaaaa increased impressions
1,284% aaaaa increase in engagments
   251% aaaaa increase in link clicks
   991% aaaaa increase in video views
     22% aaaaa increase in #E2 mentions
     96% aaaaa increase in #E2 unique users

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