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Logitech G

Bringing Back an Old Favorite in a New Way

A man, a computer mouse, and a logo, with a caption that reads “Aim Higher. Designed with Shroud. Made for play. This is the G303 Shroud Edition. Keep Playing. Logitech G.”


How do we create excitement for a collaboration with Shroud to bring back and enhance a mouse that has been discontinued for years?


Shroud’s love for the original G303 created a cult following with his audience of over 16 million people between Twitch and YouTube. He is considered the “God of aim” in the gaming community and strives for excellence in everything he does, a trait shared by Logitech G. A collaboration between these two can only result in something outstanding.



A campaign that captures Shroud and Logitech’s drive to “Aim Higher” that includes key messaging and visuals, a hero video featuring Shroud and the mouse, and marketing assets for online stores. The campaign was designed to show Shroud’s already-engaged audience that this isn’t just a re-release of the G303; it’s upgraded to Shroud’s specs and tailored to his hand.
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