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Turning a Product Need into a Brand Solution


Bankrate had a range of digital products that were generally stumbled upon accidentally. The brand itself had no meaning or recognition among Millennials.


Millennial financial triggers are so personally unique and impulsive that they only trust one source for their needs—Google.



We made Bankrate the “first step in every next step,” by intercepting common moments – large and small – where Millennials need financial services most. The “For every next” brand platform leveraged user-generated content from YouTube and TikTok to show real life moments that lead to big life changes. These authentic financial triggers fit seamlessly into social feeds, making the content feel less like ads and more like entertaining, relatable stories that consumers want to watch and share. The spontaneous moments helped Bankrate meet their younger audience where they are and provide them a relevant, trustworthy destination other than Google to take their next financial steps



   589% iaaaaa increased impressions

1,284% aaaaa organic social increase in engagements

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