Growing an audience without alienating the core

The Challenge

How do we make a hardcore gaming brand more relevant to the 90% of gamers who don’t consider themselves serious competitors?

The Insight

The term “gamer” came with a negative connotation and an unflattering stereotype that casual players didn’t want to be associated with. This cultural tension made them feel less welcome and even excluded from the community, and the brand.

The Solution

By reframing “gaming” as play, we helped the brand take a stand for ALL gamers, and welcomed millions more into the community, growing the Logitech brand.

The Results


increase in 2017 net retail sales


increase in 2018 net retail sales

“New Honor Society helped the G brand expand its audience by establishing a clear POV and human voice that maintains brand authenticity and integrity at every touchpoint.”

Peter Kingsley | CMO, Logitech