FC2 Female Condom

Creating social buzz for a taboo product

The Challenge

How do we make a culturally rejected product part of social conversations, with no media budget?

The Insight

Research showed that most women were not likely to try the FC2 because of its appearance (size and shape), and perceived lack of efficacy. It was the laughing stock of the prophylactic category.

The Solution

In order to be part of the conversation, we had to be part of the joke. So we created a bawdy social video that unapologetically addressed every flaw, every quirk and every benefit of the FC2 Female Condom. The honest approach successfully diffused the taboo and spread a new product narrative without the benefit of media support.

The video prompted women to continue the conversation on Twitter using #goaskamanda, while a campaign microsite delivered additional details about the usage and benefits of the condom, driving consumers to purchase online.

The Results


organic video views in the first week