People aren’t buying what you’re selling

They're following what you're doing. New Honor Society helps brands behave less like brands and more like people, so that their marketing becomes a demonstration of who they are, not just what they sell. 

Brands that behave like people can connect, engage and relate more authentically with audiences, creating long term brand advocates, not just short-term sales.

Think of it as Less Sell, More Soul.

See What We Mean

Art, words and strategy, usually not in that order

We infuse humanity into everything from brand positioning to social media. For some of our clients, we focus on one thing. For others, we do all the things:


Secondary Research | Primary Research | Insights | Planning


Brand DNA | Positioning | Messaging | Visual Identity


Advertising | Design | Social Content | Interactive Digital



The Founders

Agency frontwomen, Holly Aguirre and Heidi Singleton, have formed an uncommon partnership nearly 20 years in the making. After spending a half-life together in sales promotion and retail activation for clients like Bacardi, Miller, J&J, Motorola, Hallmark and Energizer, the duo saw a dramatic change in how people value brands and the rising importance of what a brand stands for and how it behaves. They created New Honor Society to help brands live up to these new expectations. Holly and Heidi have partnered with Logitech’s CEO to infuse more humanity into their brand and products, worked with PayPal cofounder Max Levchin to establish a brand DNA for his new financial startup, Affirm, launched Nestlé Ice Cream brands’ digital presence and social channels, and changed the global conversation around safe sex with the launch of the FC2, the first FDA-approved female condom.

As President, Holly brings strong business acumen, strategic thinking and client-focused leadership while Heidi, Chief Creative Officer, ensures that the work and agency culture live into the mantra of Less Sell, More Soul. 


Boutique culture with global scale

Less Sell, More Soul informs the agency culture as well as the marketing approach. We are humble-yet-fearless in the pursuit of marketing that is as good for consumers as it is for the bottom line. Every member of New Honor Society is here because they want to be part of that pursuit, and you can see it in our mission-driven culture, dedication to the work and trusted long-term relationships with client partners.

Because we are part of the IPG network, clients benefit from the nimble, boundary-pushing creativity of a boutique agency, but with the strategic sophistication and global reach of a holding company.


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