We launched Devine Color with a soulprint that brings to life an illuminated paint experience for those who see color as more than a number on a swatch.
Through a partnership with VH1 Save The Music, we collaborated with Gavin Degraw and a group of high school music students.
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Holly Aguirre
Holly Aguirre Ringmaster
Toni Barrale
Toni Barrale Cultivator
Harold Blackorby
Harold Blackorby Architect
Derek Burr Architect
Tracee Champa Cultivator
Ashley Chelski Storyteller
Sudon Choe Storyteller
Dan Coleman Storyteller
Alex DiBucci Storyteller
Margaret Faintich Cultivator
Tim Gabris Domestic Affairs, Technology
Holly Gassel Domestic Affairs
Scott Gericke Storyteller
Mike Giger VP, Global Client Relations
Helen Griswold Ambassador
Michael Grubb Architect
Rob Hempen Domestic Affairs
Jenny Hill Cultivator
Tamra Hires Architect
Rita Janssen Architect
Emily Jeffers Cultivator
Scott Jenkins Storyteller
Mike Mitchell Domestic Affairs
Michelle Murphy Domestic Affairs, Culture
Tom Nations Storyteller
Ian O'Saben Storyteller
Stephen Politte
Stephen Politte Storyteller
Katie Reuschle Storyteller
Schwartzkopf Storyteller
Nicole Seifert Cultivator
Heidi Singleton Ringmaster
Terry Stewart Storyteller
Zack Swyers Storyteller
Beth Voegtli Domestic Affairs
Renee White Cultivator
Katherine Vicari Cultivator
Erin Willner Cultivator
Weathers Cultivator
Jessica White Domestic Affairs
Becky Wulf Storyteller
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